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Features include:

  • Make documents, like PDFs and other documents available for download.
  • Make documents 'gated', so visitors must provide information to gain access to the document (optional).
  • Display documents on a dedicated 'Documents' page, or attach the documents to other records like products and services.
  • Create a document library. Keep documents private, or check a box to make a document available to the public.
Service Category: Web Application Modules

Create a Documents Library

Store your important documents in one place online, in the cloud, so they are available when needed in the future

Host and Share your Documents.

Do you need to share pdf documents with your customers, such as technical information sheets or safety data sheets? Create a documents page where these documents can be made available, or attach the documents to other records to make them available there. We make it easy to store your important documents in one secure place.

Document Thumbnail Images

You have the option of attaching an image to a 'document' record that will appear as an example of the document the visitor is about to download. Adding an image of the document increases the number of people who download the document, making the document more enticing.

Supported Document File Types

Supported file types include: (.pdf,.doc,.docx,.txt). If you wish to make another type of file available, let us know and we can look into adding it.

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