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Features include:

  • Each location looks great on a computer or mobile device.
  • Add an unlimited number of business locations
  • Google Maps Integration, to help customers find you.
  • Show each locations business hours (optional)
  • Upload an image of each location (optional)
  • Show each location's contact information (optional)
Service Category: Web Application Modules

Add an unlimited number of business locations

Add as many locations as you would like your customers to be able to find. You may include the location's business hours, contact information, relevant links to other websites, and many other features.

Help Customers find you

Digital Architect scales to the size of your business by supporting unlimited physical locations. Each location can display contact information, business hours, relevant links, images, and pretty much anything else you want to share.

Attach locations to blog articles (optional)

If you are making use of the blog, you have the option of attaching a location to a blog article. Blog articles that are attached to a location will show up at the bottom of that location's profile.

Attach Locations to Jobs (optional)

If you are using our careers / jobs module, attach jobs to a location. You then have the option of making those jobs appear on a location's profile. If your web application is focused on careers, we highly recommend this option, so that potential employees can see the jobs open at each location.

Google Maps Integration

If you elect not to upload an image for a location's profile, that space will instead have a Google Map embedded in its place. This means that if you don't have an image of all of your locations, the visitor will still have a rich user experience.

Only have one location?

If you only have one location, the location search page is disabled. If a user tries to go to the locations' search page, and there is only one location, the user will be taken directly to the location's profile.

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