What is attention ratio, and why should it matter to me?


Every web page or marketing effort has a primary purpose or intent. The attention ratio is the number of things your prospective customer can do, versus what you want the customer to do.

Oli Gardner of Unbounce, explains it perfectly here:

What is the attention ratio?

Let us use a web page as an example. A web page may have 20 links that a user can click. You want the user to click a single link that takes the user to a page to complete a form that turns the person into a sales lead. In this scenario, your attention ratio is 20:1. The attention ratio is the number of options you give someone versus the option that you want them to take.

Why should attention ratio matter to me?

Your objective of any marketing effort is a successful conversion. You want to get someone to do something. To understand the importance of attention ratio, you need to know what a conversion ratio is. Your conversion ratio is the number of people who view your marketing effort versus the number of people who do the thing you are trying to get them to do. If 100 people see your marketing effort, but only one person takes action, your conversion ratio is 100:1. If two people take action, your conversion ratio is 50:1, because one out of every 50 people take action.

Digital marketing experts have figured out that there is a direct correlation between your marketing effort’s attention ratio and your conversion ratio. The higher your attention ratio, the higher your conversion ratio will be. If you give someone 20 options, there is a 1 in 20 chance that someone will choose the wrong choice. Digital marketing experts have also discovered that the more options you provide, the probability increases that no action is taken.

Consider the attention ratio of all of your marketing efforts. Sometimes you cannot have a 1:1 attention ratio, such as on a website’s homepage. On a homepage, it is a best practice to provide links to help site visitors find the information they are seeking. It is not practical to give someone only one option in that case. But you should think about ways to keep your attention ratio as low as possible.

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