What is a landing page, and what is the most common landing page mistake?


A dedicated landing page is the single most important element of any digital marketing campaign. To grow your business today, you probably need a digital marketing campaign of some sort to identify and/or point new potential customers to your business. A dedicated landing page is the most overlooked element of a marketing campaign, and quite possible the most important.

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What is a marketing campaign?

In digital terms, a marketing campaign is a specific marketing activity that is used to notify potential customers about a product or service that a company provides. Marketing campaigns may also be for branding purposes, where individual products or services are not mentioned. Instead the focus is on building the reputation of a company’s brand.

There are two types of marketing campaigns: digital marketing campaigns, and non-digital marketing campaigns. Non-digital marketing campaigns might include things like television commercials, print advertisements in periodicals like newspapers or magazines, or even placing advertisements on billboards you see along the sides of highways. Digital marketing campaigns are marketing campaigns designed to reach customers on their computers or mobile devices. When done correctly, digital marketing campaigns can be done more targeted and more cost-effectively than non-digital marketing campaigns. Some examples of digital marketing include, emailing potential customers, placing ads on other websites, paying search engines for leads, or even the use of social media (like Facebook or Twitter).

Most marketing campaigns are designed to attempt to push the marketing campaign’s recipients to take a specific action, such as contacting the company about a product or service. Non- digital marketing efforts can be branding efforts, may be trying to get people to contact their business, or to visit one of the company’s locations. More and more frequently, you are seeing and hearing advertisements telling people to go to specific websites/webpages. In digital marketing, most marketing campaigns initial objective is to get marketing campaign recipients to go to a specific webpage. These webpages are what we call landing pages.

What is a landing page?

A landing page is a web page that a user is directed to from a marketing campaign. Every marketing campaign should have a goal. That goal may be to sell a product or service, or quite possibly to generate leads for the company to contact to sell the product or service to.

Consider a retailer like Many of their marketing efforts may be product specific, where their goal is to have you purchase a specific item. The marketing campaign for a specific item will probably have a user land on a page where the user would have the ability to purchase that item directly for that page.

Smaller businesses may not have websites as advanced as, or perhaps their products/services are more expensive requiring a human to human sale, so their objectives may be to get potential customer’s contact information. In this situation, a landing page would likely include a form where a potential customer could request an appointment or contact from a sales person in order to purchase the company’s product or service.

What is a dedicated landing page?

A dedicated landing page is a landing page that has specifically been designed for a single marketing campaign. The intent is to use this dedicated landing page exclusively for use with a single marketing campaign. No other pages or links should point to this page.

There is some science to marketing, so think of marketing scientifically. Using the scientific method, you want to be able to isolate variables, change those variables, and then determine the impact of those changes through testing. Creating a dedicated landing page eliminates variables by having all of the people who land on a page come from one single source, and therefore probably looking for the same thing as everyone else who landing on the page.

If designed correctly, you should be able to track how many people get to the land page. This will be a factor helping you gauge the success of the marketing campaign. You can then evaluate the success of the landing page by determining how many of the people who land on the page take the action that the page is designed to get them to take. The percentage of people who land on the page who complete the action you would like them to take is your “conversion ratio”.

If your landing page is not dedicated, you may be unable to tell how people found the page? Did they click on your ad? Did they find the page on a search engine? Did they hear about you from one of your current customers? A dedicated landing page brings clarity to the success of a very specific marketing campaign because the results are specific and controlled.

What is the most common landing page mistake?

The biggest landing page mistake made on today is occurs when landing pages are not dedicated landing pages. All too often, companies will create a single landing page and then point multiple marketing campaigns to that single page. The end result is at best mixed messaging, and at worst causing a landing to have a much lower conversion rate than the landing page is capable of achieving.

There are a lot of factors that go into making a great, high converting landing page. For those of you who would like to make the most of a dedicated landing page, the following video is a great resource:

Creating a dedicated landing page is the first step to optimizing your marketing campaigns, and your landing pages themselves. It will empower you to take a less emotional, and more rational approach to your marketing efforts.

At DigitalArchitect, we can help you create dedicated landing pages to help you make the most of your marketing efforts to help achieve your objectives. Get started with a great looking website today by clicking here.

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